Ottawa Travel Guide, Ottawa Hotels, Parliament Hill, Winterlude

Ottawa is located in the Ottawa Valley in the eastern part of the province of Ontario. The population of the city is around 810000, while the population of the larger Ottawa region is around 1,146,790.

Due to the richness of advanced architecture and preserved natural beauty of the city, tourists from across the globe come here and enjoy the time with their families and friends.

Ottawa city is located on the south bank of the Ottawa River, around the mouths of the Rideau River and Rideau Canal. The oldest part of the city is known as Lower Town and occupies the area between the canal and the rivers. If we move across the canal to the west, there lies Centre town, which is the city’s financial and commercial hub.

There are many urban areas included in the city of Ottawa. The main one of all these extends for considerable distance to the east, west and south of the center, and includes the former cities of Glocester, Nepean and Vanier the former village of Rockcliffe Park and the suburban communities of Manotick and Orleans.

Around the main urban area city is an extensive greenbelt, administered by the National Capital Commission for conservation and leisure, and comprising mostly forest and marshland. This is the area, which attracts most of the tourists for simple beauty and serenity in the atmosphere.

Across the Ottawa River, which forms the border between Ontario and Quebec, the city of Gatineau lies. Though this city is administered separately, but the two cities fall within the remit of the National Capital Commission, and therefore, for many purposes are considered a single metropolitan area, and are known by the name of the National Capital Region.

Ottawa is made up of 11 historic townships, 10 of which are from historic Carleton County and one from historic Russell.

Arriving at Ottawa is easy from all over the world and you can come here by taking the regular flights. There is an International airport and several domestic airports that have regular flights to all other provinces of Canada If you are coming from the adjacent cities of States or from Canada itself, you can choose the domestic flights that are not so expensive and saves a lot of time.

By Bus
There are bus stations minutes away from the center of the city that connect Ottawa to other cities such as Montreal, Toronto, etc. in Canada and the United States. The road access into the city is excellent with routes that will provide either express or scenic routes, as time and interest dictate.

You can choose to come from other provinces and cities of Canada and the States and enjoy the countryside a lot! The budget of these travels is less, and therefore, is very popular among the tourists who have time and can spend it enjoying the travel!

By Rail
Canadian Pacific and Canadian National railways all operate out of the region. The train station is located near the Riverside Drive exit from Highway 417, just east of downtown. Passenger rail service to and from Ottawa is delivered by VIA Rail, while Canadian National (CN) and Canadian Pacific (CP) railways handle cargo and freight.

The rail system to the city is very good and, therefore, you face no problem at all if you choose to come here enjoying the travel on rail.

Places of Attraction
There are many places in Ottawa that visitors like to visit. They are the combination of modern technology and the natural beauty and the history of Canada and you are going to enjoy them a lot for your visit! Some of these places are listed below:

Casino du Lac-Leamy
This place mixes some business with lots of pleasure in an oasis of lush greenery and cascading waters located only 10 minutes from downtown Gatineau and Ottawa.

This is an example of ultramodern Convention Center and is equipped with state-of-the-art technical installations. At the very heart of this magnificent hotel center is the Casino du Lac-Leamy, where you can play to your heart’s content in a truly exhilarating atmosphere. This is the place where people like to play and relax their time while visiting the city.

Parliament Hill
This is beautiful place to hang around and enjoy the time with your family and friends! If you are on Parliament Hill, take a tour of the Center Block to see the Senate, the House of Commons and the Hall of Honour. You can also choose to visit the East Block with grand old offices restored to the way they looked during the Confederation era.

Rideau Hall
This is like a royal place, for, all the Governor-Generals have lived and worked since Canada’s birth in 1867. You can have a close look to the Canadian History by touring this place. Guided tours are free and last 45 minutes, and the grounds are open from 8 a.m. to one hour prior to sunset.

Winterlude has a host of activities and attractions for the entire family. You should surely visit this place if you are coming to Ottawa with your family and friends!

Some of the events and venues include the Snowflake Kingdom, Casino du Lac-Leamy Crystal Garden, Canada Snow Sculpture Competition, Rideau Canal Skateway, RBC Fantasy on Ice and Dows Lake. A whole lot of activities are there to keep you engaged and make the time enjoyable!

Annual events in Ottawa
Ottawa is very famous for its annual events and you can enjoy them to your heart’s contentment! Some of these events are listed below:

Winterlude is an annual winter carnival held each year in February. It is focused on the Rideau Canal.

Tulip Festival is celebrated each May. The city of Ottawa receives a gift of several hundred thousand tulips from the royal family of the Netherlands and these are displayed throughout the city.

Canada Day is one of Ottawa’s most important holidays and people from across the nation visit to celebrate the nation’s birthday.

Hope Volleyball Summer fest is the world’s largest volleyball tournament with more than 25,000 players and spectators attending a gigantic beach party with funds going to local charities. This is a must see event for the sports loving tourists!

Ottawa Chamber Music Festival is the world’s largest festival of chamber music, held annually. And this is where the tourists enjoy their visit most, for, there is no parallel of this festival in the whole world!


Top 5 Qualities of a Limousine Chauffeur

Professional limousine service in Brampton chauffeurs are trained, confident, and hard-working individuals who grasp the art of social etiquette over a period of time. Moreover, being a chauffeur, you have the responsibility to provide a safe ride to your clients for both special occasions and business functions. Here are certain qualities that  chauffeurs should possess when interacting with the clients.



  1. Be Polite

    Chauffeurs should be decent and use courtesy with the clients. Clients should be addressed formally by the chauffeurs at all times.

  2. Accepting Tips

    Being an excellent chauffeur helps you a get a tip as thank you gesture from your clients. However, even if you do not get a tip, it does not necessarily mean your clients  didn’t like  your service, but they may not be accustomed to it.

  3. Privacy

    Always maintain the privacy no matter who your client is or how long they have been engaged in your services. On the other hand, if your client engages in illegal activities, report it to the concerned authorities. Keeping the confidence of your client will also help you to gain the trust of your clients.

  4. Uniform

    Being properly groomed is one of the major qualities of limo chauffeurs. Professional chauffeurs wear crisp and clean uniforms depending on the company they work for. Having said that, avoid unusual colors to detract attention from the passenger onto you.

  5. Safety Driving

    Safety remains the number one priority of the limo chauffeurs. Chauffeurs should focus on the safety of the passengers and practice safe driving skills. In case, if a traffic jam causes a travel delay, you should not mention a problem, but simply take another route.

These qualities are a must for a chauffeur in order to excel in limo industry. Moreover, chauffeurs should always provide a safe and comfortable ride  to the clients.


Herniated Disc Relief

Suffering from a herniated disc can cause leg pain, back pain, and even weakness in the extremities. For some people the condition can be very painful. In very severe cases, it can even affect how an individual is able to live their life on a daily basis. One way to remedy this is to consult your local Chiropractor, Pickering chiropractor is one of the best in the business so be sure to check them out.


herniated-discIn a healthy spine, the bones are given cushion by soft discs. These discs help to keep your spine moving properly and absorb any shock. However, if a disc is damaged, it can bulge out from the spine or even break apart. When this happens, it is considered to be a herniated disc. It is also known as a ruptured or slipping disc.

The discs become less lubricated and become more dry as an individual grows older. Because of this, herniated discs are more likely to be seen in the aging crowd. However, they can also be caused by a severe spine or back injury. If the disc is not pressing on any nerves in your back, however, you may not experience any pain or even realize that an injury has occurred.

If you are experiencing numbness or pain, then the disc is likely pressing on a nerve in your spine. This is also the cause of ailments like sciatica. Pain, tingling, weakness, or numbness can be caused by an injured disc. You should get examined as soon as possible to find out the severity of the condition and receive adequate treatments.

People often think that when they are suffering with this condition, the best option is to rest. This actually causes more harm than good. Resting should happen shortly only if there is a lot of pain being experienced by the individual. Too much rest can cause the muscles to weaken, which is why it is recommended that individuals stay active, even doing activities such as walking.

Pain that is typically associated with the condition can be treated in a variety of ways. Ice packs and heating pads can be useful in relieving some of the pain. These can be used for fifteen minutes during intervals of a couple of hours. If there is a problem with swelling, medication may be prescribed.

While a herniated disc is not particularly a condition that can be prevented, there are precautions you can take to make sure your discs and back remain healthy. Working out decently and keeping a good weight are ways to take strain off of the back. You can also work on improving your posture and lifting objects more safely.

Usually, given some time, a herniated disc will heal itself. Healing can range from one to six months. If it does not heal in this amount of time, then surgery may be needed to fix the problem. Talking with your physician to find out what your own circumstances are can be the best option so that you can receive the treatment that is proper for your ailment.


How Renting Apartments Can Be Better Than Buying A House

With the current low prices available in homes, buying a house and yard, complete with a white picket fence may seem irresistible. However, buying a home isn”t always the best choice. Some people find owning a home to be more of a headache than a joy. If you”re contemplating the choice of buying a home or renting apartments, consider the important benefits of renting before making a decision.

Apartments Can Provide A Better Benefit Financially

When buying a home, you get a home with a yard. While many properties may have some amenities like a pool, the only extras you typically get are the ones you hire out or set up yourself. Apartments typically offer the amenities that come with upscale homes like quality flooring, high end appliances, and security systems. Some apartments come with hot tubs, pools, tennis courts, and other perks. Probably the best part is that you don”t have to worry about paying property taxes, as taxes are included in your monthly rent and are shared equally with everyone in the building. Additionally, any repairs that need to be made, such as air conditioner repairs, won”t come out of your own pocket.

Maintenance And Lawn Care

When purchasing a house, you inherit the jobs of shoveling snow, cutting the grass, cleaning the gutters, painting the siding, and more. This doesn”t even include other necessary repairs like water heater fixes or dishwasher repairs. If you aren”t skilled in making these kinds of repairs, you”ll have to find a repairperson to do them for you, causing your bank account to quickly diminish. You only have to worry about basic care of your unit when renting apartments. In the event of something going wrong, repairs require only a phone call to the landlord or property manager.

The Convenience This Lifestyle Offers

When renting a unit, you have no commitment other than what is included in the length of your contract. Once your contract is up, you can stay longer or move somewhere else easily. When you own a home, it’’s not so easy to relocate. The selling process is expensive and can take a long time, especially in a down economy. It can take several months or even a year to sell a home. Even if you”ve already moved, you still have to cover your mortgage payment, utility expenses, upkeep, property maintenance, property tax payments, realtor fees, and other costs during the selling process.

If you are considering relocating, renting apartments offers you a place to call home while you learn about the surrounding community. For instance, you may discover you enjoy shopping at certain stores that are located on the other side of the town. It would be much easier to simply switch apartments to the other side of town when your lease is up than it would be to put your new home up for sale in hopes of quickly finding a buyer.

The benefits of apartments are many. To check out some apartments and see the possibilities available, contact a local agency. You could move in and make yourself at home faster than you think.

implant dentistry

Implant dentistry

Implant dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals with implantation of dental devices such as titanium implants, veneers and lumineers. Ordinary dentists cannot perform these procedures as these require a lot of skill, precision and expertise. Implantations are done by cosmetic surgeons who have advanced conditions and years of training in the field. Implant dentistry is very costly when compared to other fields of dentistry.

Dental implants are devices made from metals such as titanium or composite materials that emulate the function and appearance of teeth. These are implanted to correct lost teeth. When teeth are lost, it affects the chewing pattern of the person. It may also affect the external appearance of the face. Dental implants are an excellent option to correct all these problems. Since their invention in the 1960s, millions of people across the world have undergone implant surgery.

There are two main types of dental implants. These are fibrointegrated implants and osseo integrated implants. Fibro integrated implants are no longer in common use because they have certain disadvantages when compared to Osseo integrated implants. Osseo integrated implants are comparatively stable and have long life when compared to fibro integrated implants. For this reason, they have completely replaced the former.

Dental implants are commonly made from titanium. This is because titanium has certain unique characteristics which makes it very ideal for the fabrication of dental implants. Titanium is very strong and at the same time it doesn’t rust when exposed to water or biological fluids. Additionally, it also integrates well with the cells of the bone. This phenomenon is called osseo integration. When titanium and bone cells are kept in contact, the cells grow into the structure of titanium and fuse with it. Because of this reason, the implant gets firmly planted into the bone and makes the implant very stable.

Depending on the quality of the material and the condition, dental implants can cost anywhere from $2000-$8000. Additional costs such as the dentist’s fee, screening and diagnostic costs and other overhead costs may also add more numbers to the total amount. Dental implants are not covered by insurance and so you are on your own. However, there are ways to save money. Of the best ways to save money is to visit a foreign country and get the procedure done there. If you want to have dental implants, it is essential that you evaluate all the options that may be available to you.


What is breast augmentation?

There are a lot of women that are not happy with their breasts. Most women feel that they just can’t compete because their breasts are too small. Other women do not like their breasts because one is bigger than the other. If a woman does not feel good about her breasts, then her self esteem will probably suffer. This is why it is important that every woman get the problem solved. By now, you might have heard some of your friends talking about breast augmentation.


So, what is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is the process of enlarging a woman’s breasts. This is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures and many of your friends have probably had it done. Breast augmentation can also help with the shape of your breasts. If you think that your breasts are lopsided, a breast augmentation procedure can definitely help. Unfortunately, breast augmentation is not covered by insurance, so you will have to pay for it with you own money. Breast augmentation procedures can cost up to fifteen thousand dollars, so you will definitely have to save up for it. In the meantime, you can always get pushup bras. You would be surprised with the results that you can get from pushup bras.

Now that you know what breast augmentation is, you should be able to determine if it is the right procedure for you. For many women, breast augmentation is the best way to fix their confidence. Once they have fuller breasts, they will feel much better about their body. Even if you like the size of your breasts, your breasts might not be a good shape. Breast augmentation can help shape your breasts so that they look better. Breast augmentation is expensive, but it is worth the cost.